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locality_images/praestans.jpgPhlegmacium is a subgenus of Cortinarius, which is the largest genus of agarics in Europe. Phlegmacium species form mycorrhiza with coniferous or deciduous trees. They are widely distributed in Europe - from the oligotrophic spruce and pine forests of Fennoscandia to the calcareous holm oak forests in the mediterranean. Like all Cortinarius species Phlegmacium have brownish ornamented spores and posesses a web-like cortina. The combination of a sticky/viscid cap and a dry stipe is however unique to Phlegmacium. The taxonomy and nomenclature of Phlegmacium is difficult. Species are mainly distinguished macroscopicaly. But spore morphology/size and other microscopical and chemical characters are also important.

The species concept presented here is based on macro- and micro morphological as well as chemical characters, backed by a large set of molecular data. Please browse the species section, to view photos and read descriptions of species from different parts of Europe.

The key included on this site is an online, illustrated version of the Phlegmacium key in Funga Nordica (Editors Henning Knudsen & Jan Vesterholt. 2008), and covers 164 species.

locality_images/tobias.jpgTobias Frøslev is Ph.D in molecular phylogenetics and taxonomy of Cortinarius, finished in 2007. Currently, he is employed as a mycologist on the danish fungi-mapping project, Svampeatlas. He has been employed both as a molecular biologist and geneticist since his Ph.D graduation.

locality_images/thomas.jpgThomas Stjernegaard Jeppesen is currently employed as a software developer and is M.Sc. in software development. He has a background in music and graduated from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in 2004.

We have been devoted to the study of european Phlegmacia since 1997. Our main hunting grounds are Denmark and southern Sweden, but many excursions throughout Europe has contributed to our knowledge and photo catalogue of these fascinating fungi.

We are planning a publication on Phlegmacium in the Fungi of Northern Europe (FNE) book series, but for now it is our hope that this site will be a helpful tool for studying Phlegmacia.